Walgreens – Annual Report 2014

A vintage photo of a Walgreens store team from the 1960s struck us as unique; it showed a diverse team of men and women of different ethnicities, all working together. Nearly 50 years ago, Walgreens was ahead of the curve when it came to diversity and inclusion, and that is still true today.

We designed a lenticular process on the photo to create a memorable cover, marrying two images together so that as you look at the cover and angle the photograph, you see two different images, one at a time. We combined the old photo with a a new shot that we scheduled, art directed and photographed at the flagship Walgreens store on State Street in Chicago’s Loop. Note the continuity we coordinated as to the photo subjects’ to mirror the 1960s image. The effect showcases that Walgreens was diverse in the past, continues to be so in the present, and will find ways to be even more inclusive in the years to come.

Walgreens management decided to distribute the report to every store and more than 50,000 employees received a copy. We’re also proud to report that this annual has won several awards from various communication competitions.